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Vineyard – “All I Have”

This is Vineyard at their best – pure worship music! If you’re looking for a good song to sing along with to worship God, then this is one for you! Check it out!

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Tim Hughes – “Holding Nothing Back”

A worship song by the worship leader Tim Hughes. Check it out!

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Preview 3 Full Albums for FREE

At, they’ve gotten agreements with the right people to stream three full length albums for you to listen to in their entirety! The albums are Unbreakable by Fireflight, For The Love Of The Game by Pillar, and Opposite Way by Leeland. Check out their blog post for the links!

Go to their blog post

Rush of Fools – “Undo”

Rush of Fools is a newer band that is absolutely fantastic! (I guess they’re one of my personal favs, so I really like them!) And this is one of their more famous songs! Double yeah!! So, definitely check this song and definitely share it with anybody. Maybe with someone you’d least expect to share it with?

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Fountain Mouth – “Joshua Generation”

This song is on the artist’s profile,  so you must be logged into MySpace to download it.

Rush over to Fountain Mouth’s profile to get it!

33Miles – “Salvation Has A Name”

As part of an Easter giveaway, 33Miles is giving away their song “Salvation Has A Name” as well as a few goodies relating to the song. Be sure to check it out and their encouraging message too!

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Village Church – “Before The Throne Of God”

The Village Church has performed and recorded this classic worship song. Their performance is pretty good, so check it out!

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Tim Hughes – “When I Survey”

Hope y’all are doing well after Valentine’s Day. Always remember that God loves you even when the world does not. Hope this song can draw you closer to Him.

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4 songs from Hillsong United

Yeah!!! I’ve come across four songs from Hillsong United, and they are some good ones! They’re “Solution,” “One Way,” “Take It All,” and “Mighty To Save.” Go, get these songs now!

Go to Hillsong United’s purevolume

Sevenglory – “More Now”

I just happened to find this awesome song by Sevenglory. Check it out!

Go to Sevenglory’s purevolume to download this song

6 songs from Daniel Bashta

You can download all of the songs he’s added to his profile. There’s six total and I think you will enjoy them. In order to download these songs, you must be logged into MySpace. Special thanks to a friend for tellings us about this artist!

Go to Daniel Bashta’s profile

Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir – “Hallelujah To The King”

The award-winning Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir has made available for download a song off of their new album “I’ll Say Yes”. The song is called “Hallelujah To The King” and it is a wonderful harmony of voices all singing together to praise God! Special thanks to one of our friends for making us aware of this download!

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