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1000 Generations – “No One Like You”

This is a popular song played by an indie band who does a very nice job! This song is a live recording and really captures a good sense of worship. Give it a listen and think about the matchless we serve as Christians.

Note: You must have a MySpace account and be signed in to download this song.

Go to 1000 Generations’ MySpace profile to download this song


3 songs from Go Fish

On their website they’ve got a special Virtual CD set up where you can listen to five of their more famous songs, and download three of them. The ones you can download are “Superstar,” “I’ve Got The Joy,” and “You Are Mine“. If you know of any kids or have children, these songs are perfect for them!

Go here to listen and download songs from Go Fish

Matt Maher – “Great Things”

Our God is good and our heart must praise Him! Worship Him as you listen to this original worship song!

Go here to download this song

Jason Morant – “Holy”

We apologize for not posting in quite a while. We’ve been very busy lately and haven’t found a lot of time to keep this updated. Hopefully, we’ll have more time soon and update you all with everything we’ve found. This is one of the songs we’ve found and it’s called “Holy” by Jason Morant.

Go here to download this song

Delirious? – “My Soul Sings”

We want to thank Josh again for informing us of this download! This song is off of the new CD entitled Kingdom of Comfort by Delirious?. Give it a listen!

Go here to download this song

March Recap

This is our monthly recap post for March! Sorry this is a bit late, we’ve been a little busy lately! The following highlights appear in the order they were posted starting from most recent:

Resurrection Sunday (25 Songs)
Leeland (4 songs)
Meredith Andrews (4 songs)
Third Day (2 songs)
Krystal Meyers (2 songs)
Brother Terry (10 songs)
Love Like Rain” – Daniel Doss Band

Keep in mind that as usual these are only some of the songs we’ve linked to in the month of March. To see all the songs, view all of our blog posts!

We look forward to continuing to serve all of you! Thanks so much for continuing to visit us and please leave comments on whatever!