Pocket Full of Rocks – “At The Cross”

In view of Easter this band is offering a special Easter song for free download. Go check it out! Also, either tomorrow or Friday we’ll be posting links highlighting songs with Easter-related themes. And don’t forget that on Sunday we have a special treat!!!

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Holy Week

Those who went ahead and those who followed shouted,
“Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”
– Mark 11:9 NIV

Today we begin the journey of remembering and celebrating Holy Week, the week in which Jesus entered Jerusalem. During this week several key things occurred:

  • Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey and was welcomed as coming from God
  • Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus and brought Roman guards to arrest Him
  • Jesus was sentenced to be crucified, died on a cross, and was put into a grave
  • On the third day, Jesus rose from the grave proving that He is Lord over sin and death

All of these events have significance to our lives. It is because these events actually occurred as history that we have salvation. If they were mere myths, our salvation would not be real. It is because God chose to step down into our history and be a man and go through all of these events that we have salvation. The Creator of everything made the decision to be one of the created in bodily form and allow His creations to crucify Him on a cross. But, that wasn’t the end of things – He conquered sin and death by rising again! Wow…what a God we serve!

We hope this week you’ll take some time to reflect on what Jesus has done for you, and that you’ll have a renewed sense of purpose from doing so. We worship a marvelous God who is infinitely worth more than the worship we give Him! Let us never forget that!

Later this week we’ll post some links highlighting several songs that specifically contain Holy Week and Easter related themes. Our hope is that they’ll serve to help you draw closer to God! So, stay tuned for those!

Also, we are planning on giving you all a special treat on Easter Sunday! It’s a finding that we’ve been saving for a short while for a special occasion and Easter fits this exactly! So, please come back here to get these special gifts!

May God bless you this week and don’t forget to share the joy of Christ with those who don’t know Him!

2 songs from Warren Barfield

On his MyCCM profile, you can download two songs: “Closer” and “I’ll Be Alright“.

Go to Warren Barfield’s MyCCM profile

4 songs from Leeland

Once again thanks to Josh for this one. On Leeland’s MyCCM profile, you can download one song off of their second (and newest) album, and three off of their first album. The songs are “Count Me In,” “Reaching,” “Tears Of The Saints,” and “Carried To The Table“. I pray you’ll enjoy them!

Go to Leeland’s MyCCM profile to download these songs!

Also, in case you missed it, there’s another song by Leeland that you can get:
Go here to learn more

Shane & Shane – “Saved By Grace”

Officially this song is called “Saved By Grace,” but its filename implies the title of “The Gospel Song” which I think is fitting for this song. The idea is that we have been saved by grace alone, not by works, and this is fundamentally the Gospel. So, remember this as you listen to these truths expressed through music, and consider sharing this song with a friend who needs to hear the Good News!

Click here to download this song
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3 songs from Meredith Andrews

Thanks to Josh I’ve discovered this apparently new Christian artist. From what I gather, she’s recently signed with Word Records. On her MySpace profile, three of her songs can be downloaded: “You’re Not Alone,” “Show Me What It Means,” and “Deeper“. Each one of these songs has a great message, so take a listen!

Because these songs are on MySpace, you must have an account and you must be logged into MySpace in order to download them.

Go to Meredith Andrews’ MySpace profile

Leeland – “Enter This Temple”

This is another song from Worshiptogether.com. It’s from Leeland’s newest album, Opposite Way. Check it out!

Go here to download this song

Jonny Diaz Band – “Hold Me”

According to the artist, this radio hit can only be downloaded for the next four and half days or so, so hurry and get it! Share it with your friends too by clicking on this blog title above and then clicking the share button on the right side of the page.

This song is at his profile at MySpace, so you must be logged into MySpace to download this song.

Go to the Jonny Diaz Band profile

2 songs from Third Day

These songs are two of Third Day’s more recent hits. I’ve always enjoyed listening to Third Day music, and I think you’ll enjoy them too if you don’t already! The songs are “Tunnel” and “Cry Out To Jesus“. Both contain great messages of hope and putting trust in Jesus. May these songs help you in your pursuit of deeper intimacy with Christ! Once again, special thanks to Josh!

I think this will be the last time I mention this – membership is NOT required at MyCCM to download songs.

Go to Third Day’s MyCCM profile

2 songs from Red

Our friend Josh told us about this opportunity at the MyCCM site. The two songs from this artist are “Let Go” and “Breathe Into Me“. I really enjoyed the second song – it’s a cry out to God for Him to breathe into our lives. Let that be our prayer!

Note: As is true with any songs from artists’ profiles at MyCCM,
membership is not required.

Go to Red’s MyCCM profile

Jon Abel – “Crying Out To You”

This is a song from a lesser-known artist, Jon Abel. I hope you’ll give it a try and become more familiar with his music! Tell me what you think.

Go here to download this song

Michael Olson – “On The Third Day”

Easter is coming up soon, and this song is one to give a listen to in this time of reflecting on what Jesus has done for us. Hopefully, it will aid you in this time of reflection and meditation.

Click here to download this song
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